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4 Paws Country Inn


  • How far in advance do I need to schedule my animals stay?
    Summer and Holidays are my busiest times. Usually a month at least in advance is required. All other times it is possible to book last minute but ideally would be two weeks or more in advance.
  • Are there people at the facility all the time?
    No, someone is on the property most of the time, but is not always out at the facility. That is why we go by appointment for drop off and pick up of pets.
  • Do the dogs get to go outside at all?
    We let the dogs out a minimum or twice a day to play and potty. It is usually more like 3-5 times depending on weather. Some dogs like to be outside, some would rather stay inside. We will determine what is best for each individual dog and adjust their play time as we see fit.
  • Do you take the dogs out for walks?
    No, we keep them in our yard for safety reasons, I wouldn't want anyone to get off the leash somehow.
  • Does everyone go out together?
    No, we let everyone out separately and systematically. Since there are 4 areas they can go outside we rotate through the dogs until everyone has been out. Once everyone has been let out, we go back through and let them out again to enjoy running the fence line with other dogs or just hanging out.
  • Is the facility air conditioned and heated?
    Yes there is a window air conditioner and an electric heater depending on the temperature outside. I try to keep it comfortable for all types of dog breeds.
  • Can I get a tour?
    Yes walk throughs are always welcome but still need to be scheduled by appointment.
  • Is there a limit on how long they can stay?
    No. They can be boarded for a few hours to 1 night or 30+ nights, it just depends on what you are needing.
  • What do I bring for their stay?
    The most important thing for dogs is their food. Food and cat litter if you have a cat. You can bring anything else you would like including toys, bowls and blankets/beds. Just a word of caution, sometimes things get forgotten, toys taken outside or torn up, so let us know what you brought when you pick up your pet.
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